The Access Bars

The Access Bars are 32 points on the head that correspond to different areas of your life causing limitation, hardship, struggle, lack, judgment, grief, disease, negativity (just to name a few). By running energy through these points we eliminate the positive and negative charge that is creating the limitation, releasing thoughts and emotions associated with each experience that lock you up. They promote healing in all areas, eliminate stress and give you a sense of well-being. The Bars have assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body and their life including anxiety, stress, sleep, health, weight, money, sex, relationships, and so much more.

Running The Bars is a simple, non–invasive, energy process where the facilitator lightly touches each point on the head to release the energy. Receiving this process (having your Bars run)usually leaves you with a sense of peace and space; and a feeling like there is more possibility open to you. This is an incredibly dynamic process that will not only leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed as if you have had a deep restful sleep, it can also change your life. When run on children before exams, it can have a dramatic effect on their grades. Pregnant women report that labor is much shorter and the birthing process is much easier when they have their bars run regularly. Many people report that it assists them in sleeping more soundly.

What else is possible?

Could this be what you’ve been asking for?

Could change actually be this easy?

Would you be willing to choose it, for you?

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Access Bars Session: $100 (1 hour)

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“All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory”