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Watch this video from CBS Sunday Morning to see for yourself what a Colonic is all about. Featuring Robin Quivers and Dr. Roni Deluz of Martha’s Vineyard Diet fame. (Note: Colonic information starts at 4:15)

If you were reluctant to get a colonic due to fear of cleanliness, embarrassment of any kind, or just plain nervous of the process, Jacquelyn is the one to see. Her calm and very professional personality will make you feel comfortable right away. Jacquelyn answers any questions above and beyond your expectations. Her therapy room is extremely clean with warming colors and soft music playing to calm any nerves. I have received about 5 colonics from Jacquelyn personally and not only do I feel less fatigue, which is one of my reasons I go, but I usually lose about 2 pounds and 2 inches with each visit! Super bonus! I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Jacquelyn and wouldn’t think of going any where else.

Professional Organizer
Dutchess County, NY

Watch this video from CBS Sunday Morning to see for yourself what a Colonic is all about. Featuring Robin Quivers and Dr. Roni Deluz of Martha’s Vineyard Diet fame. (Note: Colonic information starts at 4:15)

I have been getting Colonics for the past 17 years from New York to California .. And When I met Jacquelyne it was the best experience I’ve ever had …. Her down to earth, caring, beautiful energy made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Not to mention, how amazingly wonderful I feel when I leave from a session with her (including a flat stomach & more energy ). The space she has created is very clean & personable . And from a medical view point, after a Colonoscopy, my Doctor told me that my colon is in beautiful shape and keep doing what I am doing to keep it clean ! ….. Thank you Jacquelyne, for keeping me healthy & feeling great !

Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor

“I’ve tried another colonic establishment before but was not 100% happy until I was referred to Jacquelyn. My friend assured me that Jacquelyn was professional, clean, kind and extremely knowledgeable. My friend is a great and relieable source for information and she proved right again. Jacquelyn made me feel very comfortable and I was so pleased with the cleaniness of the office. I also use the detox footbath at each visit – a total detox experience under one roof! I’ve been using Colonics by Jacquelyn for over three years now and will be forever grateful for having met her.”

Board Certified Electrologist
Tarrytown, New York

My colon therapy experience at Colonics by Jacquelyn is always a good one and has been from day one! Jackie Darling is a caring, knowledgeable professional who turns a potentially awkward situation into something to look forward to. Her space is comfortable and is kept very clean. I highly recommend her services.”

Peekskill, New York

I went for my first Detox Ion Foot Bath at Colonics by Jacquelyn. I didn’t have huge expectations, I didn’t want to leave feeling sad that I hadn’t found something that worked. I have had a lot of knee pain caused by dislocating my knee cap. The stresses of playing tennis and playing with children made the pain in the knee joint worse. I was willing to try anything. The Detox Ion Foot Bath was amazing. As I watched the water turn from clear to orange, I could feel the tightness and pain melt from my knee. Now I try to squeeze in a foot bath whenever I have the chance.

Professional Party Planner

I am so grateful to have met Jackie 4 years ago; I was suffering from severe
chronic constipation, where I did not have a movement for over 21 days.
After seeing many doctors and other alternative therapists, over a span of
several months, it was suggested that I get my colon surgically removed. I
could not go through with it even though it started to sound like it may be
a good idea. Well, I had my first few colonics in NYC and then tried one at
an upstate spa that did not even produce any results, then I found Jackie.

I could never get a colonic from anyone else. Jackie’s therapy room is the
cleanest I have ever seen, her added massage does wonders, and we have
become good friends.

A real detox is where you get rid of waste and that is where a colonic comes in. No matter what you eat, drink or what products you take ***and I have taken them all, if the waste does leave, there is no detox.

I am thinking I am coming close to 100 colonics, they have been extremely
vital to my healing.

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Certified Health Counselor

I was hesitant to receive a colonic and footbath at first, but with Jacquelyn and her very relaxing and soothing environment, I felt right at home! The benefits of being internally cleansed are amazing and very well worth it. Whether you’ve experienced being internally cleansed before or not, I highly suggest visiting Jackie to experience a soothing and gentle cleanse!
Eddie, NYC
Insurance Agent

“Anytime I feel sluggish or irritable I give
Jacquelyn a call. When I leave after a session, I leave there I feel like a million dollars! If I could afford to I would do it every week!”
Ruth F. NY
Early Intervention Service Coordinator

“If you’re looking for who cares about you, makes you feel comfortable, and delivers fantastic colonic results, then Jacquelyn Darling is the colon hydrotherapist to see!” –
Dawn W. Ossining ,NY
Colon Hydrotherapist in NYC

I have been getting colonics with Jackie for the past two years. I never would
have dreamed it would make me feel so good and so much healthier. The atmosphere
is clean and relaxing and I feel like a new person when I walk out.
JM Hastings on the Hudson
Guidance Counselor

There are many in the medical profession who do not understand the significance of cleansing and detoxification. As a result they overlook the potential benefits of therapies like colonics. However, done properly and in association with a regimen of personal care, this can be extremely beneficial. If you live in the area and want to know where to go I would suggest you call Jacquelyn Darling and learn more.
MD from Bedford NY

Colonics are great to get a few times a year or “as needed”…when I am travelling I almost always get backed up so it is nice to know a colonic is available to me!
Liz C. NY Real Estate Broker

Whenever I leave Jacquelyn’s table I feel clean, light and, healthier!

~Jennie Bedford, NY Real Estate Broker

Colonics are the secret to my clear skin .When your healthy on the inside it shows on the outside.
Detoxing foot baths are wonderful, and I had allot of joint pain which has now been eliminated because of the foot bath Detox
Anna R. Professional Hair Designer

Jacquelyn has made the colonic experience so much easier and gentler than I could ever have imagined. From the start she was patient, explanatory, and caring. All of my fears of colon hydrotherapy were put to rest immediately after my first visit. Thank you Jackie for helping me back to health! You’re right, it really is true wealth!

Professional Dog Groomer
Harrison, NY

Having a colonic was an eye opening experience, painless , clean and so much different than what most might expect.I am a repeat client who has raved to others about Jacquelyn”s services including the ionic foot bath. My energy level soars after the colonic and even my vision seems a little clearer. I can’t say enough about detoxing the body,it’s great for the soul too!!
— Kristie Hospice Massage Therapist Putnam Valley, NY